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Light Weight Plastic Thread Protectors

Our light weight plastic thread protectors offer great value and adequate protection for all your casing, tubing, and tool joint sizes of pipe. Our entire line of plastic protectors are manufactured to meet or exceed all A.P.I safety standards. We stock most of the common sizes and materials of plastic thread protectors, please contact us for availability information.

Heavy Duty Plastic Thread Protectors

Our Heavy Duty Plastic Thread Protectors provide stronger thread protection than the lighter plastic, and are manufactured to comform to all A.P.I. safety and usage standards. We currently stock these primarily in the 3 1/2" IF, 4" IF (4 1/2 XH), and 4 1/2" IF sizes. However, we may be able to find other sizes if you require different specifications. Please contact us for pricing, availability, and any other information you may have about these protectors.

Pressed Steel Thread Protectors

Pressed or light weight steel thread protectors offer                excellent steel protection for your threads. This style                                of protector is made to conform to all A.P.I. safety                                standards, guaranteeing effeciency and reliability. We                           stock most standard tool joint and tubing sizes,                               contact us for quantity and size availability information.

Cast Steel Thread Protectors                                                           

Our Cast Steel Protectors provide the ultimate heavy                            duty protection as well as use for lifting drill collars and                           bits. All of these Cast Protectors have been mag-particle                      tested to a safety figure of 10,000 Kgs. (approx. 22,000                         lbs). We can provide testing certificates as well for a                        nominal charge. We stock most standard Regular, IF, FH,                         H-90, and Left Hand Cast Protectors, as well as Blank                           Castings that we can have threaded to nearly any                               specification or requirement. Please contact us for size,                        quantity, and custom threading availability information.  


Poly-Urethane Thread Protectors

Our Urethane Thread Protectors allow us to be provide                              a comprehensive yet flexible type of pipe protection. With                     Urethane, we are able to supply EVERY possible thread                           protector as well as our exclusive "Slip-Over" Drill Bit                      Protectors. We stock many of the standard tool joint                            sizes; however, we can arrange for the molding of any                           extraordinary dimension of protectors. Upon placing custom                orders, there are upfront non-refundable set-up and molding             charges, and they cannot be returned. Please contact us                        for more details, pricing, and availability information.